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Alloptic is the industry’s first company to successfully bridge traditional telephone service, Ethernet service, and RF video service onto a single, seamless, passive optical distribution platform. By bringing together the technical worlds of Passive Optical Networking (PON) and RF over Glass (RFoG), Alloptic provides a unique, hybrid PON, solution providing the operator the flexibility to choose the services they want to offer, in the format they prefer.


RED - Rivera Engineering and Design ALLOPTICS Edge 2000EDGE 2000 The edge2000 serves as the hand-off point between the Alloptic access network and the core network. Together with the Alloptic Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) and Access Concentrators, the edge2000 provides a cost effective means for delivering high-speed data, video and voice services to customers. The edge2000 aggregates voice, data, and video services for delivery to your customers with the flexibility to support TDM or IP voice, RF or IP video, and ultra-high speed data.

Edge 200, PON, EthernetEDGE 200 The Alloptic edge 200 is a full featured head-end controller for the Alloptic access system. It is a 16 gigabit Ethernet switch, a 2 PON OLT, and a TDM cross connect combined into a 2RU enviromentally hardened package.

PON OLTEDGE 10 The edge10 will bring the power of a 10G PON to your subscribers. Designed to provide seamless, reliable connectivity between your core network and your optical access network, the edge10 will be Alloptic's newest central office chassis. The edge10 aggregates voice, data, and video services for delivery to your customers with the flexibility to support TDM or IP voice, RF or IP video, and ultra-high speed data.


SOHO ApplicationsHOME GATEWAY 300 The Home Gateway 300 (HG300) family of ONTs are optimized to provide advanced VoIP, IP video, and ultra high-speed data capabilities for indoor residential and SOHO applications.

broadband access, VoIP, IP VideoHOME 4000 The home4000 is designed to cost effectively provide broadband access to small to medium sized multi-tenant dwelling units like a duplex or small apartment complex. With the ability to support traditional voice service (TDM), voice-over-IP (VoIP), high-speed data, RF and IP video.

Ethernet access RouterXGEN 1000 The Xgen (eXtended Gigabit Ethernet Node) family of Ethernet access routers provides an ideal means for delivering voice, video and data services to businesses and MDUs, over a single fiber infrastructure, in a minimal space, with maximum cost effectiveness.

Rivera Engineering and DesignXGEN 5000 The Xgen5000, which replaced the aceGEAR, is designed to service high density business or MDU applications. With up to 24 100Base FX optical interfaces and two T1/E1 ports.

R.E.D.- Rivera Engineering and designXGEN 6000 The Xgen6000, which replaces the mdu6000, is designed with 24 10/100BaseT interfaces and two T1/E1 ports provides the highest port density and the lowest cost per home of any optical access solution today.


redbroadband.comMICRONODE The MicroNode family of products is are an ideal means of delivering RF video, forward and return path services, over a fiber optic infrastructure to home, businesses, and MDUs.

edgevideoedfaEDGE VIDEO OPTICAL AMPLIFIER The edge video EDFA family of products are industry standard, high performance erbium doped fiber amplifiers.

edgevideotransmitterEDGE VIDEO LASER TRANSMITTER The edge video Laser Transmitter is and industry standard, high performance laser transmitter used to convert your RF signal into an optical format for transmission over a optical distribution network.

returnpathreceiverEDGE VIDEO RETURN PATH RECEIVER The edge video Return Path Receiver is and industry standard, high performance return path receiver used to receive the return path signals coming back from the set top boxes (STB) on your network.